To address the themes, Dairy Development Unit of Grassroots Pakistan is working at its esteem with the potential to facilitate a large number of small scale herders via its mobile livestock dispensaries, breed improvement program and helping the farmers to prepare the silage at no profit no loss basis. Along with this, educating the farmers via field days, farmer discussion groups and exposure visits are the main endeavors of Dairy Development Unit. Our experts are in the field to make sure animal’s free access to water, better housing, year round fodder availability, adoption of silage & hay, vaccination, deworming, prevention of diseases, calf rearing and other related management practices at Model and Community Farms running under their direct supervision. Moreover, we have brought the poor herders to a platform where acquisition of inputs at lower costs and vending the outputs at higher wages is grasped via Community Farming. We have successfully implemented the Community Farm Model, with community based adjustments, at 3 villages of district Lodhran named 17 MPR, 44 M and 1-4 MPR. 32 farmers at these three community farms are successfully vending their milk to Nestle Pakistan which has installed its chillers to the respective villages and helping them along with Grassroots Pakistan in year-round fodder availability, silage making and breed improvement program.

Dairy Development Unit at Grassroots Pakistan is currently engaged in Vaccination & Deworming Program for more than 26,000 animal heads of 3248 poor herders who are sustaining their lives via this component of Agriculture Based Macro Economy. We have already looped 1140 herders in a 6-months training program with the financial help of Punjab Skills Development Fund, educating the farmers how to obtain better production from the stock and to adhere with the market.

Grassroots Pakistan is going to extend its training program, named “Small Scale Dairy Farming”, in District Lodhran, Rahim Yar Khan and Layyah encircling more than 2100 small-scale herders and mentoring them towards better farm management practices.