Shifting the Power

Grassroots Pakistan always focuses on empowerment of local communities and practices participatory approach for the provision of development and humanitarian assistance during emergencies as well as in normal circumstances. Grassroots Pakistan aims to provide maximum support to local communities through education, advocacy, social justice and gender equality regardless of age, sex, religion, language and ethnicity.

Realizing the importance of empowering local communities, Grassroots Pakistan is implementing “Shifting the Power” project in collaboration with Tearfund.Project aims to contribute for sustainable development goals set for urgent actions to combat climate change and strengthening the mean of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development. “Shifting the Power” project is being implemented to strengthen the capacity of Grassroots Pakistan for the provision of humanitarian assistance during emergencies. Main objectives are to incorporate international standards and guidelines to improve quality of humanitarian response, ensure accountability and transparency in all programs.

“Shifting the Power” project has theme to build capacity and train local organizations to cope with any disaster either natural or manmade. Formation of Community Emergency Response Teams, training of University students on emergency preparedness, liaison with District Disaster Management Authority and staff training on safety and security protocols are the main steps taken to empower local organizations and communities to achieve the goals.

Global Poverty Action Fund (GPAF)

Grassroots Pakistan envisions a society where people participate in development and human assistance process with a sense of ownership and all individuals have equal opportunities for sustainable development. People belongs to local villages don’t have enough resources to live a prosperous life. Grassroots Pakistan aims to assist local communities for the eradication of extreme poverty by providing various resources for a better life.

Emphasizing the importance of prosperous life for local communities, Grassroots Pakistan started “Global Poverty Action Fund” project with financial assistance of Concern Worldwide. Project aimed to reduce poverty for extremely poor men and women by increasing sustainable income, improving food security, enhancing social participation in rural areas.

People from local communities especially women have been benefited through different kind of livelihood related activities including provision of kitchen gardening kits, formation and capacity building of community organization at union council level and liaising of government authorities with local communities to enable them to develop mechanism to resolve their issues with their own resources.

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